A$AP Rocky - Changes (Audio)

Publicado em 6 Jun 2018





  • We all came here to handle our phases

  • bruh

  • I still believe this album is slept on and it needs more attention.

  • I never heard anything like this entire album, it is so refreshing

  • This is my favourite song so damn good


  • underrated song

  • 💪🦁🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼

  • Until you’ve done acid a few times, you’ll never understand the beauty of this album or it’s videos.

  • calmo nunca, mudanças sempre

  • "Castillo Gang"

  • “Look, I gotta text from this girl I used to see Saying that she chose this other guy with whom she wanna be with Look, I apologise, but this messsage fucked me up Then I would ski-ski every girl when after applying best of luck to ya” Happened to me today lol

  • Goofiest sound since Earl Sweat fell off lmaooo 🗑🗑🗑

    • Well, there are different opinions, in the case of right and wrong, you got the most goofy ass opinion

  • the song is called Changes changes about life, changes of flow, changes of beats, changes of delivery and so on....

  • "My biggest distraction is that i get distracted" i felt that in my veins😶

  • this is the only song that can truly make me cry

  • 4:02 of this song really slaps it

  • This song made me high

  • one of the greatest songs ever made bro. helped me thru some tough shit

    • i agree

  • I saw asap rocky at a party and we both got acid from the same girl, then I asked for a few pics and he dipped, boy I was fucked and I bet he was too, then I tripped out in a bathroom and made it worse by gazing at a reflection of myself in a compact mirror I found in the bathroom I was fucked up in....I dunno who tf it was lookin back at me but holy shit...this was a few years ago and hope your trip was good asap...

  • My penis is what my dad beat my mother with it was a door frame blocker everyone asks to see it he threw it back handed it hit me in the face

    • Drakes was a artificial skin enhancement I was brown skinned

    • Cause it's the size of a door to pelvis

    • Then he raped me on a motorcycle there's no getting rid of anything just correcting issues

  • real ones know he sampled international players' anthem

  • The Fkng G.O.A.T 👑

  • Its crazy cause when u fall in love with someone but decided to part ways, a part of ur soul goes with them, and that random sudden pain that randomly comes after, her soul has completely let urs go…

  • This is like LSD Pt. 2

  • Man did I use to get in my bag with this shit 3 years ago

  • And every summer I keep coming back to this masterpiece

  • I love you asap your music is everything to me keep going until you wanna stop forever a legend in my 👀

  • 🤧🤯miss this

  • Me while I'm studying : "my biggest distraction is that I get distracted" 4:02

  • “yeen wanna let me go, i guess you need me more.” “had to let your heart go, i guess you need it more” maaann...

  • 🔥

  • ah yes, the sad boy vibes again

  • 4:32 😍

  • The only Sudanese listening to this 😔 (CHANGES)

  • Long live ASAP

  • 4:32

  • La cama de aldooo

  • people who call him ASAP not Rocky , they wont find this or even if they find it , the bitches dgaf

  • Thank you for saving my life today.

  • 1:30 and 4:00 makes me sad its pretty much what me and my ex are going through because I want to pursue art as my life and career, But she wanted me to go back to school. Now everything I do is to spite her and maybe make her proud and want me back so I can say fuck off. Even though I do love her and still want her I realize how toxic she was and how she wanted to try and mold me and didn't actually love me for me. The worst part is I was off of 2 tabs when we broke up so that shit hit extra hard and now she's prolly gonna end up wit someone else while I feel the pain. ASAP Rocky and Kanye West are forever going to be my 2 of my biggest inspirations.

  • Bruh this album is so amazing can some one fr explain to me why it got so much hate when it came out like I been enjoying it since the first day it came out

  • 69 is the clown of NYC 🤡

  • Long Live ASAP

  • Jukebox Joints of the album.

  • this song changed my life man

  • 2nd best song on the album

    • Purity Changes Kids Turned Out Fine

    • @Kub I say my top song from this album is hun43rd

    • @Andy fukk sleep

    • whats first

  • I’m surprised nobody’s talking about that brilliant UGK x OutKast reference 😄

  • other level❤️

  • the best one from testing personally. still has been being played on repeat since 2018. long live A$AP.

  • I love this song

  • 2:56 changed my life


  • Who still here???

  • yeezus twin

  • Asap i love you!!!!! Come to italy 😘😘😘👍👍🍑😎

  • 2:19 "she dont see a change" i hope rocky would have used that voice more in the song, love that part every time i hear Changes

    • @Aiman Khalik Oh I actually thought it was young thug smh 😅😅

    • its actually dev hynes aka blood orange, his shit is really good too

  • this song still the most underated in 2021 sad for the people who will listen to it in a few months/years and say "I'm only earing this now".

  • This is something else

  • This song rocks me everytime I listen to it. 2:56-3:55 is my favorite part, literally feel like I’m touching the clouds. Rocky if you by some miracle see this, FUCK the critics. Keep doing you, keep doing this, pushing boundaries. Alway$ $trive And Pro$per.

  • this song is so underrated

  • tell me im not the only one hearing daso - meine at the very start

  • Soooo underrated song

  • this album changed my life

  • This a sleeper

  • this album is still so underrated

  • ☔️🐐🎼💯

  • try lsd with this song

  • I wonder if they really happy or just getting at me?

  • UGK

  • Obsessed

  • I just wanted to let you know if you’re listening to this song I know it may feel like you’re doing the wrong Choice, but trust me it will pay off in the long run. I believe in you, now go on and be legendary sunshine ☺️💛

  • who is listening in April 2021?

  • This song has to be my favorite on this album, and of his period. Purity is a close second.

    • I totally agree

  • “still love u when we part tho” :(

  • i felt it

  • This shit is still Gold man. Good shit Rocky, I just wish you dropped more smh.

  • He the king of knewyawk


  • This song reminded me my chilhood in harlem listenin this mastapiecs from banglore, India 🙏💟💟💟

  • y'all stay sleeping on rocky bruh. he's the goat.

  • I love this comment section - guys you all have a good music taste

  • I will never skip this absolute masterpiece this is the only song that made me cry I love this and I can’t get enough of rocky he is such a good artist

  • this song on Lsd its a whole beautiful journey 🥰

  • ❤❤❤

  • 2021 still here and forever

  • This album is very very underrated this is dope ass music and rap he is the king of the east

  • Fucking masterpiece. Always thought this album was rocky’s best work since it first dropped

  • the testing album is criminally underrated

  • yes sir

  • This album deserves an Oscar ✌️

  • anyone else know any songs similar to this?

  • “ I wonder how the world would be if they didn’t have me” ://


  • I love this album

  • This is the best song I have ever heard in my life it’s like bohemian rapsody it keeps changing and changing hints the title of the song I swear ASAP going down a legend no 🧢

  • FUckin goated 😩😩

  • 2:58

  • This album is so damn underrated

  • We can all agree that this is a masterpiece