Publicado em 11 Mar 2019

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June 26 - France - Zenith - Headline Show
June 27 - France - Zenith - Headline Show [SOLD OUT]
June 28 - Belgium - Vestiville
June 29 - Denmark - Tinderbox Festival
July 2 - Sweden - SMASH x STADION
July 5 - Ireland - Longitude Festival
July 7 - UK - Wireless Festival
July 10 - Russia - Green Theatre - Headline Show
July 12 - Germany - Splash! Festival
July 14 - Belgium - Dour Festival
July 17 - Italy - Carroponte - Headline Show [UPGRADED VENUE]
July 19 - Spain - Sónar Festival
July 20 - Germany - Melt! Festival
July 21 - Belgium - Tomorrowland Festival
July 28 - Belgium - Tomorrowland Festival
Aug 16 - Finland - Blockfest
Aug 17 - Switzerland - Royal Arena Festival
Aug 18 - Netherlands - Lowlands Festival


  • brdown.net/top/nJuYe7mXiXauotI/video asap rocky

  • Well yeah i was going to see that concert but the country i live in is fucked up so yeah….

  • Slovakia - Czech Republic

  • Gunz N Better beautiful and Juicy J monsted

  • La noi vine dracu sa facă concert. Mulțumesc tzanca uraganu pentru cacaturile tale

  • Ukraine

  • yes sir

  • Come to Israel rocky!

  • He enjoyed sweden the most easely

  • Mi viene ancora da piangere 😢 17 luglio al Carroponte...

  • India

  • 0:21 uh oh

  • what'bout russia?

  • Where the Ukraine and Poland???😥

  • What about turkey bro in New albums tour i want turkey please


  • COME TO SWEDEN!!!!!!

  • 🔥❤🔥

  • cOmE to GReEce

  • J'ai un micropenis

  • In Sweden he got attacked my criminals lol.

  • Come to morocco African tour❤😥

  • I feel bad for the people who bought tickets to see ASAP then to see he got arrested over some bs harassment

  • bruh norway?

  • Wow he went to my home my motherland Belgium! Oh how I wish I was there and could of see him in concert! Awesome!✊👊💞💕💙🤩😍😘🥰🤗💛👏👑😻😽😝

  • we all know how this ended

  • ukraine is outta bort again , so sad :c

  • lmao rip

  • Free A$ap

    • he is free already....

  • switzerland xD

  • 0:21 the Swed

  • Well that went well...

  • homie never made it out of sweden

  • Lmao nah this is inaccurate it stops in sweden for two years

  • Check my channel. The problem we have in Sweden is a big problem and unfortunately you just got caught up in it. But they'll let you and your crew leave Sweden soon. You might get a large fine though and thats about it. Sweden has a problem with Young middle-easterns ghetto boys and some of them as Young as 11 years old are going around packing so in way You're lucky you didnt get shoot up here. These kids are raw and un-affraid as long as their in a group or have weapons on them... Cowards really.

  • Portugal

  • You just stay in jail BOY

  • I was going to see him in Dublin LITERALLY 1 DAY AFTER HE GOT ARRESTED

  • Alan Walker ft A$AP ROCKY - Live Fast ( PUBG MOBILE )

  • COME IN GREECE🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷

  • fucking sweden

  • He get free yet. President sed he'll get him out.

  • Where is Poland?


  • #FreeRocky

  • #FreeRocky


  • #FreeRocky


  • Don't go to Sweden


  • Just want to thank Rocky and his crew for being real honorable man in defending Swedish woman and yourself from ISISgrants molesters in Sweden. God Bless you !


  • #freerocky

  • What about Morocco :(

  • Where is Croatia??

  • Re malakes hremiste ta misa sxolia einai come to greece 😂😂

  • What song is that

  • please come to brazil

  • Come again to Poland!

  • Bruh please come to greece

  • Damn I got no money

  • Song name?

  • *everyone: begs for European tour* *Rocky: I gotchu fam* *Everyone now: complains about tour dates and locations*

    • StraightOuttaMyMom thank you, stay safe too🙌🏻

    • @KLEO GJONI that's so sad, hopefully in the future you will be able to go to one of his concerts when the covid 19 thing clears up, and stay safe ✊

    • I had to go to his concert in italy...he got arrested. I had to go to is concert in UK this summer...he got arr...ah no...corona virus

  • Keep going bitch niggah.

  • hai coae vino si in romania 😭

  • Wireless?! For real! 😔

  • Gone be great.

  • Belgium I will be there yeh bishhhhh

  • Where is athens Rocky?

  • Portugal too!!

  • i have only one question to the god when i dead: why i was born in iran? with no logical reason im stuck here, when asap begin his tour around the europe. thanks god, really appreciate that

  • Cooollllll....

  • România?!

  • Russssssiaaa

  • Ukraine?(

  • He's video artist

  • Come to South America :(

  • Vou fazer um grupo no ZAP de rappers sortear alguns Beats deixa o contato blz

  • Flaco, ven a Mexico :c

  • what about Makhachkala?

  • Greece!!! Come on

  • What about Prague tho

  • Switzerland gon be litt 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • song?

    • A$AP Rocky - Gunz N Butter (Audio) ft. Juicy J

  • Come to Serbia we need yaaaaa

  • Where is Greece;(

  • Wish u had come to Azerbaijan, Baku :(

    • @Victor Pablo I'm not about this tour, I just wish he had come here

    • That's not Europe

  • Bulgaria????? ;@@2

  • Go to Brazil 🇧🇷

  • Ukraine! We are waiting for you Rakim

  • so much fascist in greece, shut the f up

  • come to Norway

  • Ukraine pls🙏🙏🙏😥

  • Song name?

  • Раша на месте)


  • *See you in Milan*


  • He stole the design from Danny L Harle's tour promotion. FUCK OFF