A$AP Rocky - Buck Shots (Audio)

Publicado em 24 Mai 2018





  • Bruh Testing was a fire album


  • Y’all sleeping

  • Carti was on dis the whole time and I didn’t know 😕

  • The quixotic whorl thermodynamically breathe because xylophone secondly head without a long-term bakery. hot huge, chivalrous asphalt

  • All my pictures got butt shots... PAUSE!

    • *bitches not pictures lol

  • Best album to smoke that loud pack to


  • Why tf does this song feel so nostalgic

    • Bc it is low key. Time go by to fast

  • Reminded me when I wasn’t an alcoholic

  • Testing was a good ass album

  • Everytime I hear this I feel like I'm on a space ship or sum shit

  • I don’t understand how this whole album got no love. Especially this song

  • *b u c k s h o t*

  • "Testing was a bad album" it seems


  • He sound like Travis on this.

  • My inspiration 🔥☢

  • This album a classic idc

  • You need an acquired ear and taste in hip hop music to fully digest and enjoy this album, mainstream hip hop losteners wont f with this but this is a truly amazing album considering its nothing like anyone else has

    • you gotta let go old stuff if you wanna try new stuff

    • yea fr its really expirimental, its good

  • Those synths are everything. Most atmospheric song on the album.

  • Mr smooky at 16 rappin w/ asap and carti... Where is he at anyway?

  • NYC vibes right here.

  • good times

    • good times

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • this shit to fire bruh

  • So good, the instrumental is like a mix between french touch electro and rap all that with a grimey thing, really one of my favorite songs 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • The beat sounding similar to King’s Dead by Kendrick Lamar🤔

    • Nope kings dead sound more like X by schoolboy Q. This sounds more like three 6 mafia.

  • one of the most underrated songs I’ve ever heard ❗️


  • hm sounds like Young Lean

  • I cant stop listening this legend

  • Hum yeah buckshots errbody in the skeets got a mugshot

  • I thought smooky was Nav at first

  • Keep the semi tucked!

  • Smooky or whatever his name is sounds asss how are yall rockin that!!¡¡ 🤮

  • Smif n wessun

  • Da shinnin

  • 2021?

  • Who's here from HDBeenDope?

  • Rocky, carti and smooky are legends for this

  • Only after i watched some BRdown gun channel did i know the difference between buck shots and bird shots


    • Fortnite

  • rocky and carti both went hard but that smooky margielaa verse goes stuuuupid hard

  • 0:42

  • Rolonnnn saludos desde México

  • this my fav

  • Wish I could hear this for the first time again

  • thats something different i love this song

  • i love this song

  • *If you're still watching this in 2021 you're such a legend* . . 👇 *God bless you and stay safe*

  • best track on the album 🔫💥

  • speechless

  • Which Sample is this ?

  • asap carti smooky gawddd 🐐

  • Masterpiece

  • Does anyone hear Rainbow Road from Mario kart in this beat? Amazing

  • Dec 2020 bitches!

  • any producer bless me which lead synth is that . i ve been tryin to create it but i couldnt

    • it’s just a saw wave with a quieter square wave and a low pass filter

  • This guy is mixing tempos, insane stuff

  • 1:05 got me feeling different

  • fye

  • haha guys he said fordnide

  • This album went over a lot of peoples heads

  • Dude smooky sounds exactly like NAV like its kinda funny, Buck Shots ft.Playboi Carti, and Fucking NAV

    • Bruh EXACTLY I was listening to this for the first time today and I was literally just like: “WAIT IS THIS NAV” and then was just like “am I hearing Carti too ????” These hidden features or whatever they are got me going crazy man

  • I feel like I’m the only person who loved Testing when it came out.

    • It's ayt not good

    • Same this album is amazing

    • Now it’s one of the most beloved, underrated album of the decade

    • I honestly don't understand how it was so hated, loved it right off the bat

  • Is that Nav on the verse? Please explain

  • Joann

  • Joann

  • Criminally underrated

  • Musica foda

  • I would love to see a Cyberpunk 2077 mash up w this song, I think it fits perfectly 🔮🔥🔥🔥

    • bro same, i jam this whole album when i play it

  • Can we please just have a Travis Scott x ASAP Rocky album

  • Those shots🥶

  • te necesitamos donde estas ¿?

  • 1:40 very relatable

  • dude at the end ruined the song smh 😒

  • I keep going back to this album. This was not what I was expecting after his second album but I still really enjoyed it. People dont understand the off kilterness of it but thats the charm.

  • Originally I didn’t like this song but something kept bringing me back and now it’s prolly like a 6 to a 7/10.

  • I ain't scared Real niggas put the clip in and let it go, uh Real niggas wanna run real Real (buck shot) Real niggas from the roll real (buck shot) Real niggas from the M Real niggas from the home (buck shot) Homeboy you ain't know (buck shot) Had a bitch suckin' on a lollipop at the bus stop Green Glock, red Glock (buck shot) They ain't really ready for me when I (buck shot) They ain't really ready for me when I (buck shot) What's a blood clot Niggas know not what nigga what not (yeah) From the fort Fort Knox this ain't Fortnite Nigga get your shit rocked nigga Buck shot (uh uh) (buck shot) And my pictures like a mugshot (uh) And all my bitches got buttshots Buck shots left your man dead in the damn lot In the kitchen pourin' up the wok (yeah) Doin' on the fuckin' clock Yeah, buttshots everybody in this bitch got a mugshot Hold up, hold up Push up now they on your block Bitch I'm off a bean and the damn wok Got a clip and it's full (buck shot) Leave a motherfucker in the ends where they (buck shot) Man I was grown up since a young blood (buck shot) Now I'm bussin' off shots (yeah they-yeah they buck shot) Back in my younger days all I want was brains All my mama want from me was grades (buck shot) They ain't really ready for me when I (buck shot) One stop get some drugs and a damn Glock Hold up Got them bullets aimin' at your head top AK-47 try to run up and we send shots (pew pew) Walkin' with my chains out on a opp block I was drippin' jewels don't try to run up you get dropped off Pull up flexin' with the top down I'm with gang with some baddies on a yacht now (yeah) Bought a brand new Mulsanne, Gucci down now Nigga you ain't in my lane you a clown now (yeah) Keep the semi tucked, nigga what you want now (yeah) Bought a brand new gun its gon' catch you up (yeah) Simons on my feet, I stay feet up (yeah) Watch me pull up on the scene nigga T'd up (yeah) Buck shot Buck shot Buck shot End's with a buck shot

  • This song doesn't feel happy for me... Its like rocky was trying to give off a parody or an artificial feeling idk why

  • To frens

  • Big vibes for me... it's like I can sleep to this in the car

  • hope tik tok doesnt come here plzzzzzzzzzzz

  • This song not fire. It’s lava!

  • ASAP rocky got that good flow. Buckshots!

  • 2020?

  • 0:50

  • 👀 buck shots

  • thankful for my friend group for showing me this❤️

  • 100 gecs type beat

  • 2:17🔥🔥🔥

  • Damn this jawn 2 years old already?

    • that’s what i’m sayin , gets better with time 😂

    • Fucking crazy


  • aging like fine wine

  • Coming back to this brings back so many memories

  • Rocky where is the video for this song?

  • Music video @asaprocky ?

  • the beginning sounds so nostalgic idk why

  • When this song has 2 million views and Gucci gang has almost a billion. Smh